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Myrouteshop allows you to start your VoIP services within 24 hours anywhere in the world. We offer excellent voice quality, a flexible control panel and also an efficient technical support team that allows you to win in your market. Find out more>
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Pc2Phone Dialer UAE

Pc2phone Dialer Oman

Pc2phone All world

Mobile Dialer 1  

(Dialer Code:9658)

Mobile Dialer Telephone(Code:7668)

Mobile Dialer UAE/OMAN(New)(Code:777668)

VTC.Exe (UAE/Oman)

Voip Tunnel Client


Call Asia Direct
Pakistan (All) 0.0350
India ROC 0.0145
India Private Mobile 0.0107
India BSNL 0.0139
Bangladesh Proper 0.0352
Bangladesh Mobile 0.0352
Nepal Proper 0.1050
Nepal Mobile 0.1050
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Call Middle-East Direct
Saudi Arabia Proper 0.120
Saudi Arabia Mobile 0.120
UAE Proper 0.1237
UAE Mobile 0.1312
Qatar Proper 0.1302
Qatar Mobile 0.1572
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